Blue Crush I


Gold Rush

I received this material for a graduation present. One of the richest and most vibrant materials I have ever seen. Tube top, high-waisted, 5-tier dress Close up of a flower I made into a hair piece and the material below

Fabulous Finds

(= The designer of Destine by Mamasoe in her own design My friend Stephanie at a party in Nigeria, and her friend Aisha below.


This lovely lady is literally is dressed to the nines every time she is out and about.  She calls this “Sweet Safari” (= I love this dress! Have a blessed week everyone! XX

Dramatic Romanticism: Vlisco

These are a few of the designs from the 4th collection, Gallery of Poems, from Vlisco in 2010.  They’re absolutely gorgeous! 

All I See Is Fireworks

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I hope 2011 will be a happy and joyous year for each and everyone of you. I had this dress made for my sister’s wedding…and I absolutely love it! There’s a little pocket on the right side…

One Bow, Two Bow, Three Bow, Four…

The bows on this dress are huge…one made of ankara and the other of satin. My seamstress put interfacing in the bows, but we removed it because it made the bows too stiff for me to move around with. I…


I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas… and was able to enjoy and reflect upon the gifts they received this year, especially being able to see Christmas 2010 (= XX