Denim Blues

I have been looking for a good denim shirt since I wore my last one to it’s last whim, and I thought this one fit the bill. People thought it was a dress. Guess the belt did the trick. (=…

Spring Is In the Air

With Spring literally a few days away, people are preparing themselves for how the weather will change their wardrobe selection. Here are some styles suitable for the upcoming season. Maxi Dresses Bubble Skirt [Funky] Minidress Polo Tunic xx


This month at Jesus House, DC is the Biazo Conference 2011. It features various different events of how to get closer to God, as well as guest pastors from across the world, including Pastor Paula White and Dr. Mensa Otabil. Yesterday…

Beese’s Favorite Things: Akeyno

Established in September 2004 by a then 14-year-old Olayinka, Akeyno (pronounced ah-KAY-know) is an accessory line offering unique, handmade, Afro-centric jewelry and other various accessories. The designer is wearing her signature bib necklace. Shop Akeyno: and check out her blog: Continue…

Jackie O.

This dress was inspired by the mint green Valentino dress Jennifer Lopez wore to the 2003 Academy Awards.  Valentino used to design clothes for First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, who inspired the dress made for Lopez. I made a train out of…

Blue Crush I


Gold Rush

I received this material for a graduation present. One of the richest and most vibrant materials I have ever seen. Tube top, high-waisted, 5-tier dress Close up of a flower I made into a hair piece and the material below

Fabulous Finds

(= The designer of Destine by Mamasoe in her own design My friend Stephanie at a party in Nigeria, and her friend Aisha below.