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Beese Eats: Maty’s African Cuisine

You can’t just eat good food. You’ve got to talk about it too. And you’ve got to talk about it to somebody who understands that kind of food. – Kurt Vonnegut     A couple of weeks ago I was in Detroit, Michigan…


Beese Eats: De Ranch

  Never eat more than you can lift.  – Miss Piggy Estimated time to read: 4 minutes To say that I love to eat is an understatement. I am a huge foodie, but trust me when I say I am…


Testimony Thursday: God Healed My Wrist

“As a child of God, our whole reason for existing is to give God praise. What a testimony to give in a difficult situation.” – Monica Johnson  Estimated time to read: 4 minutes I had this crazy, unsightly and painful…