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  • About

    It seemed virtually every time I would attend an event [that is, a wedding, birthday party, shower, etc], everyone who’d see me would stop and ask who made my outfit. They’d ask to take pictures of me so they could show their tailors to better articulate their designs. My guess is that they experienced the horror telling their tailors what they wanted and getting back outfits they did not envision or even asked for (and if you ever had anything custom made, I am sure you have experienced this at least once!). After laughing and lamenting (if you will) to my sister, she suggested I start my blog. Then in 2010, it was born – Beeses’s Pieces is your everyday African [life]style blog.

    It was created to showcase the love of all things African fashion – the vibrant colors, the fun prints, the beads, the geles and head wraps – to not only inspire an outfit [idea] for you, but to help us all embrace African style not just for events, but every day.

    Adebisi | Beese's Pieces | Your Everyday African [Life]Style Blog | www.beesespieces.com

    There are so many different pieces to me than fashion – my love for Jesus, family, my career and businesses, travelling, youth education, women’s rights. I explore and give you glimpses of those parts of my life and thoughts here on the blog.

    When I am not working on BP, you could catch me designing accessories for my African-inspired line DeBisi. You may also find me coaching my college-bound clients (and their parents) on the college application process with the focus of graduating debt-free (something near and dear to my heart).

    I am so grateful you found it worthwhile to check out my site – thank you; I hope you enjoy it. Please take a few seconds to share each post that resonates with you.

    Until next time … cheers!



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