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  • Why I Bought Nike Stock

    | Why I Bought Nike Stock | Adebisi Adebowale

    “You do things when the opportunities come along. I’ve had periods in my life when I’ve had a bundle of ideas come along, and I’ve had long dry spells. If I get an idea next week, I’ll do something. If not, I won’t do a damn thing.” – Warren Buffet

    Expected time to read: 6 minutes

    I have been speaking for months on end about how I want to buy stock, build and invest. It has been a major goal of mine for a long time, but for one reason or another, it never manifested – most likely simply because I never fully pursued it. (But that’s neither here nor there – I am doing it now, just like granps said above. =P)

    [bctt tweet=”It is truly my desire to build wealth – not just richness – for myself and my life, but for my family and generations to come.” username=”adebisidotco”]

    I want to learn, understand, and practice wealth building skills and pass it onto my children, and my children’s children until the coming of time.

    | Why I Bought Nike Stock | Adebisi Adebowale

    And to be honest, I believe this is a skill we as the African/black community still have yet to nurture and cultivate. We look for jobs that pay well, but that’s not good enough. We sometimes pursue get rich quick schemes, but where does that land us? We say investing money is risky business – a gamble waiting to go belly up and flat line. Money can be fleeting, we all know that – you spend a dollar and before you know it, the whole check is gone (hello, living paycheck to paycheck, anyone?!). BUT it does not have to be that way at all.

    Now, I am no financial expert or guru with all the tips and tricks about how to save $100,000 a year on a $50,000 salary. Nope! But with what I do know I am more than willing to use for my benefit and growth so I can learn the strategies I need to build, invest, prosper and thrive! And drop my two cents here so you can learn as well.

    | Why I Bought Nike Stock | Adebisi Adebowale

    By now, I am sure you have heard about Nike’s big campaign with the National Football League’s (NFLs’) “estranged child” – Colin Kaepernick.

    | Why I Bought Nike Stock | Adebisi Adebowale

    A little background story for you my ladies – and the few good gents who read BP posts – who do not follow [American] football: Colin’s the player who knelt during the singing of the National Anthem during the 2016 season in protest to the heightened racial injustice of black boys throughout the nation. After opting out of his contract with his then team – San Francisco 49ers – he has yet to sign with or be signed by another team. A little tea – the NFL owners stick together like no other – like a fraternity. One for all, and all for one … and three for five.

    Now, I love my football (I didn’t study sports management in college for nothing =), so when I heard Nike partnered with Colin I knew it was just going to be MAJOR. Initially, their stock prices fell – no surprise there – because of the big-time hitters who probably were invested in Nike and pulled out of their stock from annoyance about the campaign.

    | Why I Bought Nike Stock | Adebisi Adebowale

    But what else happened over the next 72 hours?

    Nike gained over 170,000+ Instagram followers [yes, this is a measure of success >> more eyes on your brand means more potential new fans and, more importantly, customers] and their online product sales reportedly increased immediately. Even I, now looking back in hindsight, purchased a new pair of Nike’s just last week in preparation for my trip to Israel (yay, birthday gift trip to myself – more deets to come). Talk less of their stock which hit an all-time high this week, all because of this campaign and Nike hitting it big in the hearts of their [American] consumers.

    | Why I Bought Nike Stock | Adebisi AdebowaleIn a generation where people are so amped to do what’s right to protect oneself and others, standing up for one’s rights, and especially in the heat of the black lives matter movement, Nike knew exactly what they were doing with this partnership – creating a new shift in the dynamics of the “system” and the everyday customers. And let me be (one of) the first(s) to tell you – this mindset is not going anywhere anytime soon. Nike hit the nail on the head with this move – their valuation is at its best that it has ever been, and they will only get better.

    | Why I Bought Nike Stock | Adebisi Adebowale

    So guess what I did? I’m sure this title of this post gave it away. I bought Nike stock this week!

    | Why I Bought Nike Stock | Adebisi Adebowale

    No lie. I am a little pressed and so proud of myself for just doing it. Wait – I promise there was no pun intended with that, it was just fitting. But I have begun my journey into wealth building and investing. And I have no plans on stopping – ever. It is risky business, but life’s a total risk. If we are hesitant or fearful in investing (or risking) our money, then how the heck are we going to bold enough to invest in other parts of our lives?

    Investing by buying stock is not for the faint of heart. Prices of stock rise and fall like a rollercoaster all throughout the day dependent on what’s going on in the world or even what someone tweeted, but that’s no reason to get scared or back out of an investment (or a commitment!). Life is full of ups and downs, and we live and we learn. Consider taking the risk and investing into a business or two that you believe in.

    What companies are you interested in investing into? Let me know below.

    | Why I Bought Nike Stock | Adebisi Adebowale

    I am wearing a bell sleeved floral pattern Ankara dress tailored by House of Faye. I initially wanted the sleeves to be a little bigger, but I love the way it turned out.

    You can win this dress in my Beese’s Pieces Wakanda Month-long Birthday Giveaway in honor of my 30th birthday coming up in November. Simply enter here to win it.

    | Why I Bought Nike Stock | Adebisi Adebowale


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