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  • Beese Eats: De Ranch

    Beese Eats: De Ranch | Adebisi Adebowale


    Never eat more than you can lift.  – Miss Piggy

    Estimated time to read: 4 minutes

    To say that I love to eat is an understatement. I am a huge foodie, but trust me when I say I am no glutton. I know how to feast, but I also [more importantly] know how to fast.

    This time around, my sister friend, Lynda, and I went to De Ranch in Cheverly, Maryland. It’s located between a tattoo parlor and hair salon/barber shop. The interesting [random] fact about all the shops on that little strip is that they are all owned by the same man – how dope is that? I am totally here for the multiple streams of income. #bossmoves

    And as for the restaurant – the food was pretty good. The restaurant manager, Pride, really showed out. The spread she served us was to the nines. She really rolled out the red carpet of their food for Lynda and me to feast.

    Beese Eats: De Ranch | Adebisi Adebowale

    Here is a list of several of the menu items we tried (my favorites marked with #beesesfavoritethings):

    Rice and beans with Chicken Curry: After tasting a few bites of her Caribbean inspired rice and beans,  Lynda said it was just okay. It was nothing spectacular to write home about. While she picked at it a bit, she, ehem, truly enjoyed eating my jollof rice, which I do not remember inviting her to share in with me lol.

    Which brings me to …

    Beese Eats: De Ranch | Adebisi Adebowale

    Jollof rice and fish: BOMB! The rice had a nice little [spice] kick to it that was all so right, as well as the texture – it was not too soft and not too hard. It was served with tilapia fish cooked in tomato stew and plantain – both of which were just yum. The plantain were perfectly ripe so it was neither soggy nor crispy. #beesesfavoritethings

    Salad: What I like about the De Ranch plated rice lunches is that they all come with side garden salad. West Africans – well at least the way I was raised lol – do not do salads like this. (There’s a MAJOR [creamy] difference between Nigerian salad and USA salads.)

    Fish/meat pepper soup: I could have drank it like it was in a bottle. OMG the fish pepper soup was so good! Lynda tried it first and cised the heck out of it; I told her it better be even better than what she made it seem and for me, it was. She and [your favorite Nigerian] mommy, whom I brought the meat pepper soup to, both said it was too salty, but I either did not taste it or mind it as I had it when it was still hot. #beesesfavoritething

    Beese Eats: De Ranch | Adebisi Adebowale

    Cassava leaf with fish: I did not know Cassava leaf stew was that rich and thick in flavor. (I guess you should be able to tell from the way it looks – duh!) It was not my favorite thing, but I did not mind it. Not spicy at all, just very thick in texture. I would recommend having this with plain white rice or pounded yam to balance the strong taste of the cassava.

    As a woman who strives to keep my integrity in all things I do, I would be remised if I did not mention that at the time we were there, they had a crazy gnat problem. Like bruh, they were everywhere. Before we did the video recording, Lynda saw one.

    Beese Eats: De Ranch | Adebisi Adebowale

    That’s chill … nothing out of the norm for a warm summer day. BUT then when the food came out and we really started to dig all the way in, it was as if that dang on gnat went and gathered some of his really good friends. Super annoying. We just tried to sit there calmly and look pretty.

    Beese Eats: De Ranch | Adebisi Adebowale

    And let’s all be honest here, people – we have all had a few run ins with gnats before – whether it was at another restaurant or even in our homes!

    We did tell Pride and suggest they get rid of the annoying problem, and she took it like a sport. She said that they have been and are working on it. It was reassuring hear that they were not just ignoring the problem as if it did not exist but we proactively trying to fight the problem. As I have mentioned before, customer service is everything … EVERYTHING. That alone makes me give them #BeesesApproved stamp.

    Whenever you are in Cheverly, MD, be sure to check them out and tell them Beese recommended it. Not able to make it to Cheverly? No problem – you can get your De Ranch fixing delivered to you with Uber Eats or Eat Street.

    Beese Eats: De Ranch | Adebisi Adebowale

    I got this shirt from Amazon. I googled danshikis and this little number popped up. I thought I liked it, but the way you some of you have loved on this shirt – wow. =D

    Till next time, beautiful people.

    Hey, you … scrollers – not enough time to read the post, watch my interview with De Ranch’s restaurant manager, Pride on my IGTV channel here.

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