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  • For Sale

    Hold on tight to the joys you once had as a child. They could one day become the perfect escape.

    A couple of weeks ago I participated in a fashion show, then the week after a trunk show. I made many different head wraps, clutches, and totes. I have a few of the items from the fashion show here on sale to you all. Go to the next page to check prices for each item. If you are interested in purchasing anything, please email me at beeses.pieces@gmail.com with the information of the item you will like to purchase. (Payments are accepted via PayPal.)


    To order, please email me at beeses.pieces@gmail.com stating which item you would like to purchase according to the description above the picture… i.e., Head Wrap 1, Head Wrap 2, etc., counting from the left side

     Heads Wraps
    $12 each 


    $25 each 

    Large, Hard Shell Clutches 

    $20 each

    Soft Reversible Clutches 

    $15 each 

    Reversible Clutch (above)

    $15 each

    Soft Clutches 

    $15 each

    Small, Asymmetrical Hard Shell Clutches
    $12 each 


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