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  • If It’s Your Birthday, Make Some Noise!

    “Whenever you are passionate about who you are, it brings honor to God.” 

    “Whatever follows “I am” is going to come looking for you.” 

    – Joel Osteen

    The second quote is so true.  What you believe is true about yourself- be it a negative or positive thought- is bound to come true. If you search Pastor Osteen’s “I Am” message, I’m sure you’d agree.  

    Happy Birthday to moi! I absolutely love birthdays.  The celebration of life is one of the greatest gifts one can ever have, and I am very grateful to see another year of life with a sound mind and good health, and a great family and friends around.  I wore this dress sometime back to a 70th birthday celebration.  I bought it in Dubai back in January and finally had somewhere to wear it.  My seamstress took it in for me because I did not think it flattered me anymore in its original state. 


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