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  • A Family Affair

    “People are illogical, unreasonable, and self-centered. Love them anyway.” – Kent M. Keith 

    I love that quote…it could not be any more true.  We as people are very selfish.  But if we choose to be continuously self-absorbed without having love for one another, this world would never have peace.  So love people who even curse you.  

    Those of you who faithfully follow my site can see that the interface has gone through some changes.  My good friend’s mother has helped upgrade Beese’s Pieces…and for that I am truly grateful.  If you need any graphic design assistance for your own projects, visit her site at http://clwdesigns.blogspot.com .  Thanks again, Mom.

    Two childhood friends- sisters– here at a traditional engagement party. 

     She used a red purse to match her sister’s shoes. 

    Happy Thursday. 


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