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  • Welcome!

    Hello Beautiful People!

    Welcome to my blog…BEESE’S PIECES.  This blog is dedicated to African style clothing using ankara and lace materials, as well as the latest breaking news in and about Africa.  I decided to create this blog because lately I have been receiving many questions regarding who sews my styles and where I purchase my material from.  Thus, I wanted a modern, yet quick way to post not only my styles, but great styles which I love.

    First, let me say I have great seamstresses.  They are great not solely because of their sewing skills and techniques, but more so because they deal with my [more often than not] random and outrageous requests. (They sew styles for me for both traditional and Western occasions…on average, with very limited amounts of time, and execute wonderfully.)  Good clothes are produced by good seamstresses/tailors!

    When I look to sew a style, I first look for something that will compliment my body well.  The key to that is understanding one’s shape…what looks good on someone else, will not necessarily look good on me, or vice versa. So it helps to be honest.  Other factors to consider are the print and color of the fabric.  As we all know, ankara (more so than lace) can be extremely busy, having multitudes of color and shapes all in one print.  Therefore, it is important not to design an extravagant style with material that has a busy print…it will be overkill and lose its aesthetic appeal.  Remember, you can always mix and match other fabrics with ankara/lace…chiffons, silks, charmeuse, tulle, etc.  If those words are foreign to you, find a great seamstress or tailor- they will be able to advise you on what fabrics will be great for your design and body.  Regardless what you are having clothes sewn for, always have fun choosing a design.  Look through magazines, fashion [television] and runway shows, your favorite celebrities at events, even your closet, and get inspired.  Think of how you want to look- playful, funky, sexy, regal- and let your imagination be your guide. But always remember your body shape and size… what worked for someone else may not work for you as it was for her, but it can work with a few tweaks here and there.

    I will also provide you with articles about the most recent news affecting Africa, and Africans around the world. I believe it is very important about world dealings, as they affect us intrinsically and globally.

    All in all, I hope you enjoy this blog.  It is for you to create your own great designs and/or possibly help someone else create their own (including me).  So if you have a style you absolutely love and would like to share with others, please email me at beeses.pieces@gmail.com with your name and pictures (front and back views-if possible).  Also, feel free to comment on the pictures or send me an email at the above address.  I will answer your questions.  Till next time…



    PS: Just to give you something to jam to… The ultimate party/love song. Who doesn’t love it?!? (:

    Magic System- Premier Gaou




    1. Adeola
      November 13, 2010 / 19:30

      Great job DeBisi!!!!!!! Have fun doing this! I love u!!!

    2. F.A.B.
      November 13, 2010 / 20:51

      Beautifully done!! Cant wait to see future posts!!

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