This is a [Wo]man’s World

“. . . let joy be unconfined . . .” —George Gordon Byron

These past few months have been very busy, yet productive, as I restructure and reorganize many things in my life. It’s quite the roller coaster of nervousness and excitement all at the same time. The anticipation of the unexpected and the hope of what could be is fueling me all the more to continue in my pursuit of a life of joy unspeakable…and I am expectantly expectant of what’s to come. This next journey is something I hope to share with you all as well, so that we may all celebrate together. I do ask for your forgiveness of the delayed posting[s] and bear with me as I make some transitions in my life. I promise it is good stuff.

As for this number below, it was inspired by the one and only James Brown. It is a lace and stretch taffeta V-neck jumpsuit. The sleeves were everything. (Quite honestly, I think it looked so much better in person.) I enjoyed this jumpsuit.
My Daddy said he loved it! #daddysgirl

Yall have a fantastic day. xoxo





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