Les Trois Mousquetaires

“All for one, one for all.” -The Three Musketeers 

My sisters (aka sissies) are the besets in the entire world. Though we may disagree/fight/argue daily, we are best friends and love one another like no other. We actually have this weird tendency to call/text/email/IG message/chat one another all at once. It’s insane how many forms of communication there are, and how we use them all at once. [We slightly stalk one another.] 

We went traditional and wore the same tissue buba and velvet iro (wrapper/skirt) in celebration of my birthday this past Sunday to church. I had to switch it up slightly with the gele- I am the birthday girl… hehe.

Note: We always stood/sat in this same order…everywhere!

I looove my 6-inch heel, 3-inch platform shoes!!!


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